Coiffure Hairstyles

Embracing over 36 years of experience has given me the advantage and opportunities of working with every type of hair texture presented in front of me. I continuously stay in tune whenever fashion takes us whether it is on the runways, TV, magazines, books, social media, and even in our everyday life around us. My approach to a Bride or a Client is by listening and asking them to provide us photos of themselves, their inspiration for Hairstyles, and Make-up ideas which allows us to view what they would like to have achieved for the day of an event. Absorbing information from them with the finer details about their styles really helps us to provide a better service.

Preparing the Hair, whether it’s to refresh into a blowout by setting the hair with a roller set or with hot irons. Choosing the right products can make our process more achievable and efficient, our tools are just as important. My thought is, only professional hairstylists can figure out what works best by understanding their equipment and the products that are being applied to the condition of the texture of the hair.

Price list available on request.