Lash Enhancement


Our most popular lashes are the temporary individual false lashes also in clustered. We provide different sizes to customize with your eye shape to enhance the create valium, thickness, and even length. We would like you to look and feel natural for your preference for the photos.

It is very rare that we use strip lashes unless it’s requested or for larger groups.

We take our time to make sure that the lashes are in place and secured.

Some clients or brides already have permanent lashes applied before their events, however when traveling lashes can be unpredictable so keep in mind that we are there for you to help replace any lashes that have fallen out.

  • Magnetic Lashes
  • Applying magnetic adhesive (couple of layers for better results, stronger hold)
  • Individual Lashes , comes in clusters

With Individual lashes, you’re able to customize any eyes shape. Able to add a second layer of lashes for a more luminous look in areas that might make the eye stand out more. Lashes have different lengths which help create the shape of the eyes as well as make the eyes appear bigger.

  • Enhance the outer corners or the inner corners.
  • Feels lighter than the strip.
  • Don’t have to worry about lifting in the corners.
  • All kinds of lashes come in different textures, real human hair, minks, synthetic hair

Customizing with strip lashes sometimes needs to be sized and cut to fit the width of the shape of the eyes.

Eyelash glue and adhesive are important to know how much and what kind to use. The adhesive glue for all the lashes comes in two colors, white which turns a clear color, then the black stays black.

Permanent Lashes

Some permanent eyelash technicians apply one by one Lashes to customize for the client’s eye shape with millimeter size regarding the length of the lashes by using a stronger adhesive which isis especially needed for this purpose, so the lashes can have a longevity, lasting effect, lashes can last up to 2 weeks or more weeks until refills are replaced.

Price list available on request.