Hair Embellishments


When it comes to hair embellishments, I always propose some creative ideas for a unique way to enhance the details according to the individual bride or client. Whether you desire from inside a jewels box full of ornaments such as pearls, gold, silver, rose gold, diamonds maybe flowers, feathers, or other materials incorporated into a hairstyle or look to accomplish your very own uniqueness.

Your wedding theme, event theme, wedding dress, your ensemble, bouquet, accessories
are very helpful insights.

Applying our choices together ask yourself “What’s my style?”

This may help to break down and simplify any confusion.

  • Romantic
  • Vintages inspired
  • Beach Beauty
  • Classic/ Traditional
  • Glamorous/ Black Tie Affair
  • Chic Bohemian
  • 1920’s inspired
What style hair accessory are you leaning towards?
  • Tiara
  • Headband
  • Worn on Side Comb
  • Worn in Back Comb
  • Worn in Front Hair Pinned
  • Flower
  • Vintage Inspired
  • Dramatic Understated
  • Feathers Crystals Rhinestone
  • Pearls Gold
Final Thoughts

I don’t need or I am not wearing hair accessories?

Dress Detail (neckline, lace, rhinestone, embroidery, crystals, etc.)

If you had to choose one thing as your “focus piece” what would it be?

Hair Accessory . Veil Necklace. Earrings. Bracelet.

All of it?!

I like dramatic?
I don’t want any one thing to stand out?
I like things simple?

However you like, We can do it!

Price list available on request.