Aloha & Welcome …. when entering our Wedding Services, we prefer engaging with our brides or clients, one on one on the phone to get a more personal connection. We are able to extract numerous details regarding all the subjects provided in this section. We appreciate any concerns, interests with any inspirations that might occur in our conversations. We share our pride in all our services to make sure we listen carefully to your needs, requests and to harmonize with togetherness.

We recognize that providing supreme services reflects on us, as well as projecting your beauty onto the screen.

Pre-Trial Package

I usually arrive 15- 20 minutes earlier to set up (if needed) especially when the bride hasn’t had the availability to fit in a Pre-Trial.

Viewing photos of your inspiration will guild me to achieve the hairstyles and make-up ideas together as long as it takes, so I can get a better feel for what the bride is all about and would like to have achieved.

  • Structuring Eyebrows to enhance the proportion of your facial structure or just clear away unwanted hair for a cleaner, shaper look.
  • Removing any unwanted, peach fuzz, and facial hair (if needed) for a smoother surface to apply for make-up.

We use a tiny Japanese facial razor lightly that won’t irritate your skin also use tweezers lightly ( If needed).

Remove any make-up from the night before.

Mini facial application, a mist of distilled water, a warm or cool washcloth, make-up remover that’s not harsh, perfumed, nor alcohol on sensitive skin, cleaning away any oils, and moisturizing the lips all before starting on the base. We are very conscious of what products we use to suit the client’s or bride’s skin specializations.

Bridal Package
  • Remove any make-up from the night before or at any time.
  • Refreshen up the skin, clean any oils build up makeup to prepare before applying the foundation.
  • Lashes are only included for the bride for the day of. Emphasize your eyes to brighten and enhance the shape of your eyes.
  • Make-up Contouring ( if needed).
  • Heat lashes to curl (if needed).
  • Body sparkle dust (if needed ).
  • Coverage blotches, minimal (if needed) Sun Burn ( depends on the size of the area on the body) extra cost TBD on the day of.
  • Lipstick is provided for touch-ups for the bride.
  • A power puff with a small case is provided for the bride’s touchups.
  • Assist in Dressing and Cleaning up.
  • Touch-ups before leaving the room.

We only allow one wedding a day so we can provide our absolute attention and personal assistance to ensure less stress on the day of.

GQ Package
  • GQ Styling includes
  • Hair Styling
  • Hair fillers (if needed)
  • Hair Cutting (appointment before the wedding) extra cost
  • Lightly trim, and clean up around the ears, neck, and sides
  • Beard Trimming
  • Barber (nape, ears, brow, nose) Unwanted hairs
  • Touch Ups (sunburn, razor marks, blemishes) Very natural look with make-up for men
  • Eyebrow clean up/ shaping (if needed)
Bridesmaids & Family Members
  • Bridesmaid – Hair Design
  • Bridesmaid – Make-up
  • Family Member – Hair Design
  • Family Member – Make-up
  • Flower Girl – Hair Design
  • Flower Girl – Make-up
Individual Services
  • Hair Styling for any occasions on any hair textures.
  • Hair Styling Lesson( hourly fee).
  • Make-up application for daytime or evening look, high glam, soft, natural look, or diva look. Skilled with compromised skin, rosacea, acne, pigmentation, birthmarks, African-American skin, Asian skin, Mediterranean skin.
  • Make-up Lesson (hourly fee).
  • Lashes
  • Covering up tattoos ( depends on the size).
  • Sun Burn Coverage ( depends on how large an area of the body).
  • African-American hair, Asian hair, Mediterranean hair, Alopecia clients, Wigs.
  • Hair Extensions to create maximum fullness or longer effect (recommendations, guild to where to order the best quality for fortifiable prices, choosing the right color and length).
  • Hairpiece to enhance fullness for up-does/Chignon.
  • Air Brush Make-up ( for any kind of rosacea ,compromise skin or pigmentation, sweat, humidity weather.
  • Hair Extensions / Hair Piece / Wigs
  • Hair assessors arrangements ( depends on the how intricate)
  • Provide hair flowers or hair accessories
  • Travel Fee are includes , expenses for each visit, round trip , gas, hotel parking, take care of local bellmen, parking fees, kit transpiration, leaving much earlier to make sure we are never late and to set up .
  • Assistant’s Fee are includes, expenses for each visit, round trip , gas, hotel parking, taking care our local bellmen, parking fees, kit transpiration , leaving much earlier to make sure we are never late and to set up.

Any Services that was requested Cancelation during a Pre-Trial Day or Wedding Day requires a month notices to avoid 1/2 charges for services ordered.

Price list available on request.